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Past Seminars/Lectures

26 Feb 2021 Prof. Vijay Kodiyalam
IMSc, Chennai
R. Vaidyanathaswamy Endowment Lecture on “Ramanujan Graphs”
19 Feb 2021 Prof. S. Ponnusamy,
IIT Madras, Chennai
R. Vaidyanathaswamy Endowment Lecture on “Planar Harmonic Mappings”
28 Jan 2020 Dr. K. Mallesham,
Visiting Scientist, ISI Kolkata
Lecture on Prime Number
10 Jan 2020 Prof. V. Kannan, Former Professor,
Pro Vice Chancellor (University of Hyderabad),
Professor and Head,
SRM University, Andhra Pradesh.
25th Srinivasa Rajan Memorial Lecture on “Paradoxes and Puzzles in Mathematics” (supported by Dr. Vittal Rajan through Laxmi Charities)
22 Dec 2019 Dr. Tarakanta Nayak,
IIT Bhubaneswar, Odisha
Herman Rings of Meromorphic with an Omitted value
27 Feb 2019 Prof. Parimala
Emory University, USA
Arithmetic of functions of p-adic curves
02 Nov 2018 M. Chandramouleeswaran,
Saiva Bhanu Kshatriya College
Combinatorial Methods for Cryptographic Bijective functions
13 Dec 2018 Dr. Arjit Day
IIT Madras,Chennai
Eleventh S.S. Pillai Endowment Lecture on Equivariant principal bundles over toric variety
10 Jan 2019 Prof. S.R. Srinivasa Varadhan, FRS,
Abel Receipient,
Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences,
New York University United States of America
Twenty Fourth Srinivasa Rajan Memorial Lecture on Polaron Measure
13 Dec 2018 Dr. Arjit Day
IIT Madras, Chennai
11th Endowmwnet lecture on Equivalent principal bundles over toric variety
08 Dec 2018 Prof. B. N. Waphare
Savitribai Phule Pune University, Pune
Application of linear algebra to google page ranking
09 Oct 2018 Mr. Surender Ponnalagar
Space Generation Advisory Council, India.
Lecture on World Space to celebrate World Space Celebration.
09 Oct 2018 Mr. Hari Shankar
Director, Hyoristic Innovations Pvt. Ltd, Chennai.
Lecture on World Space to celebrate World Space Celebration.
07 Feb 2018 Prof. Jean - Marc Deshouillers
University of Bordeaux, Paris, France
Sums of Powers : Old and New questions,with an emphasis on
the probabilistic approach
(10th S. Sivasankaranarayana Pillai Endowmwnt Lecture)
22 Jan 2018 Prof. H. G. Feichtinger
University of Vienna, Austira.
Fourier Analysis in 21’st Century
(Twenty Third Srinivasa Rajan Memorial Lecture)
10 Jan 2018 Prof. V. P. Saxena, Advisor,
Sagar Institute of Research, Technology
& Science,
Bhopal, India
Population Dynamics and Polynomials
08 Dec 2017 Prof. Sergy Yu. Graf,
Tver State University, Russia
On Quasiconformal mappings
06 Dec 2017 Ms. A. Saranya Devi,
Research Scholar, RIASM
An Introduction to Stability and Bifurcation analysis of Ordinary Differential Equation
08 Nov 2017 Ms. K. Poongothai,
Research Scholar, RIASM
Introduction to Composition Operators
11 Oct 2017 Mr. V. Shankar,
Research Scholar, RIASM.
Tensor Products and KSGHS Construction For Hilbert C*-modules
27 Sep 2017 Dr. Agrawal Sushama,
Ramanujan Institute, Chennai
Introduction to Hilbert C* Modules
20 Sep 2017 Dr. A. Sairam Kaliraj,
Visiting Scientist, ISI Chennai, Chennai
An Introduction to Univalent Functions and Harmonic Mappings
19 April 2017 Mr. D. Ramesh Kumar,
Research Scholar, RIASM
A Study of Common Fixed Point Theory on Various Spaces
30 Mar 2017 Prof. B. V. Rao,
Chennai Mathematical Institute
Probabilistic Modelling
16 Mar 2017 Dr R. Parthasarathi
Assistant Professor, RIASM.
Affine Varieties
02 March 2017 Mrs. Krishna Priya
Research Scholar, RIASM.
Mathematical Analysis for HIV-1 infection model using
Delay Differential Equations
09 Feb 2017 Mrs. M. Diviya
Research Scholar, RIASM.
Mathematical Analysis of Delay Dependent HIV Model with Protease Inhibitors
10 Jan 2017 Prof. Xavier Viennot,
CNRS Emeritus Director,
Bordeaux University, France
Proofs without words: the example of the Ramanujan continued fraction
05 Jan 2016 Prof. Thangadurai,
HRI, Allahabad.
S.S. Pillai Endowment Lecture
Decimal Expansion of Real Numbers
22 Dec 2016 Prof. Parameswaran Shankaran
IMSc, Chennai.
Bernouli Numbers and Topology on Sphere
12 Dec 2016 Prof. Parimala Raman
Emory University, USA
R. Vaidyanathaswamy Endowment Lecture
09 Nov 2016 Mrs. P. Krishna Priya
Research Scholar, RIASM
Qualitative Analysis of Certain Nonlinear System of Delay Differential
Equations: Mathematical Biological Models.
02 Nov 2016 Ms. M. Brasanna Devi
Research Scholar, RIASM
Stochastic Differential Equations - An Introduction
21 Sep 2016 Mr. D. Ramesh Kumar
Research Scholar, RIASM
A study of Harmonic, Univalent close-to-convex functions.
07 Sep 2016 Mr. G.M. Raja
Research Scholar, RIASM
A study on Semigraphs, Interval and Equitable coloring of Graphs
24 Aug 2016 Mr. S. Pitchai Murugan
Research Scholar, RIASM
An Introduction to Wavelets
07 Aug 2016 Mr. P. Prakash
Research Scholar,RIASM
Certain Mathematical Aspects of Fractional Calculus
03 Aug 2016 Prof. G. P. Youvaraj
Director & Head, RIASM
Two Problems from Physics and Their Influence
in Mathematics