RIASM Journals

S.NO Name of Journal YEAR
1 Archive for Rational Mechanics and Analysis  
2 Advances in Mathematics  
3 Acta Scientiarm Mathematicarum  
4 Acta Mathematica  
5 Archiv der Mathematics  
6 Analysis Mathematica  
7 Aequationes Mathematicae  
8 Annals Universitatis Scientiarm Budapestnensis de Rolando Eotvos nominatae  
9 Annals De "L" Institute Fourier(Grenoble)  
10 Archive for History of Exact Sciences  
11 Acta Arithmetica  
12 Algebra Universalis  
13 Annali Dellla Scoula Nomale Superiore Di Pisa  
14 ANJAC Journal  
15 The Aligarh Bulletin of Mathematics  
16 Advances in Mathematics  
17 Bulletin of the London Mathematical Society  
18 Bulletin of the Australian Mathematical Society  
19 Bulletin of the American Mathematical Society  
20 Bulletin de la Societe Mathematique De Belgique  
21 Bulletin of the Institute of Mathematics Academia Sinica  
22 Bulletin de la Societe Mathematique De France  
23 Bulletin Des Science Mathematiques  
24 Bulletin De "L" Academie Polonoise Des Sciences  
25 Communications in Algebra  
26 Complex Variables theory and Application  
27 Canadian Mathematical Bulletin  
28 Canadian Journal of Mathematics  
29 Current Science  
30 Commentrii Mathematici Helvetici  
31 Comment Prace Mathematyczna  
32 Czechoslovak Mathematical Journal  
33 Differential Equations and Dynamical Systems  
34 Communications in Mathematical Physics  
35 Deutsche Mathematik  
36 Functional Analysis and its Applications  
37 Fourier Analysis and Appliucations  
38 Fuzzy Sets and systems  
39 Geometric and Functional Analysis  
40 Glasgow Mathematical Journal  
41 Inventiones Mathematicae  
42 Indagationes Mathematicae  
43 International Journal of Science and Engineering  
44 Indian Journal of Mathematics  
45 Indiana University Mathematics Journal  
46 Illinois Journal of Mathematics  
47 Indian Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics  
48 International Journal of Algebra and Computation  
49 Institute des Hailes Etudes Scientifiques  
50 Israel Journal of Journal Mathematics  
51 Journal of Algebra  
52 Journal of Approximation Theory  
53 Journal of the Australian Mathematical Society (Series: A&B)  
54 Journal "D" Analyse Mathematique  
55 Journal of differential geometry  
56 Journal of mathematical Analysis and Applications  
57 Journal of Fourier Analysis and Applications  
58 Journal of Functional Analysis  
59 Journal of the institute of mathematics and its applications  
60 Journal of Mathematics of Kyoto University  
61 Journal of Knot theory and its Ramifications  
62 Journal of Mathematical Society of Japan  
63 Journal of Symbolic Logic  
64 Japanese Journal of Mathematics  
65 Journal of the London Mathematical Society  
66 Journal of Madras University( Series: A & B)  
67 Journal of Ramanujan Mathematical Society  
68 Journal of DE Mathematiques Pures and Appliquees  
69 Journal of Mathematics and Mechanics  
70 Journal of Number theory  
71 Journal of Operator theory  
72 Journal of Optimization theory and Applications  
73 Journal of Pure and Applied Algebra  
74 Journal of fiir die reine and ungewandte Mathematik  
75 Manuscripta Mathematica  
76 Mathematica Scandinvica  
77 Mathematische Nachrichten  
78 Mathematica  
79 Mathematische Annalen  
80 Memoire Societe Mathematique de France  
81 Mathematical Research Letters  
82 Mathematics Today  
83 Mathematics Newsletter  
84 Mathematics Education  
85 Mathematica Japonica  
86 Mathemaische Zeitschrift  
87 Michigal Mathematical Journal  
88 Monatshefte Fiir Mathematik  
89 Nagoya Mathematical Journal  
90 Notices of the American Mathematical Society  
91 Numerische Mathematic  
92 Osaka Journal of Mathematics  
93 Pacific Journal of Mathematics  
94 Potential Analysis  
95 Proceeding of the American Mathematical Society  
96 Publications Mathematicae  
97 Russian Mathematical Surveys  
98 Publications De 'L' Institute Mathematique  
99 Rocky Mountain Journal of mathematics  
100 Ranchi University Mathematical Journal  
101 Semigroup Forum  
102 Seminar on Combinational Topology  
103 Southest Asian Bulletin of Mathematic  
104 Siam Journal of Applied Mathematics  
105 Siberian Mathematical Journal  
106 Siam Journal of Number Analysis  
107 Soviet Mathematics  
108 Topology  
109 University of Kerela  
110 Warwick Universit  
111 Zentralblatt fiir Mathematik und ihre Grenzgebiete  
  Current Journals  
112 Ars Combinatoria  
113 Asian European Journal of Mathematics  
114 Bulletin of Mathematical Sciences  
115 Comptes Rendus  
116 Jnr. of Fourier Analysis and Applications(springer)  
117 Jnr. of Opeartor Theory(AMS)  
118 Jnr.D'Analyse Mathematique(Springer)  
119 Jnr.of Applied Probability(APRO)  
120 Journal of the Ramanujan Mathematical Society  
121 Proceeding of the American Mathematical Society  
122 Mathematics News Letter  
123 Notices of the American Mathematical Society  
124 Potential Analysis (Springer)  
125 The American Mathematical Monthly  
126 RESONANCE-Journal of Science Education  
127 Semigroup Forum  
128 Southeast Asian Bulletin of Mathematics